Q: Do you accept unsolicited proposals?
A: Typically, we do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Q: Can I schedule a meeting with a member of the Fund’s staff to discuss a prospective grant application?
A: Yes, contact the Executive Director to request a meeting.

Q: My organization has a pending 501(c)(3) status, can I apply to the Fund?
A: Only organizations that have a Internal Revenue Service tax exempt 501(c)(3) designations will be eligible to receive grants.

Q: We do not have a completed annual audit, can I still apply to the Fund?
A: Yes, we will accept your organization's most recent IRS 990 filing with the online application.

Q: Does the Fund only support organizations in a certain geographic location?
A: Typically, the Fund supports organizations that serve the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.

Q: My application was recently declined, when can I apply again?
A: Declined applicants should wait twelve months before submitting another application.

Q: I am a previous grantee, when can I apply again?
A: Your Interim and Final reports must be submitted, and the Board must extend another invitation to be eligible to apply again. 

How to Apply:

Q: Does the Fund accept paper applications?
A: The Fund only accepts online applications.

Q: Does the Fund award multiple year grants?
A: Typically, the Fund does not commit to multiple year grant requests.

Q: What size grant should my organization request from the fund?
A: The Fund awards grants between $5,000 and $25,000, with larger awards on occasion.

Q: How do I know which grant application to choose?
A: If you are seeking funding to support nutrition, housing, education and social justice choose the human services application. If you are seeking to fund the arts, animal welfare or the environment use the application with the same name.

Application Review:

Q: If my organization is invited to submit a full proposal, will the fund conduct a site visit?
A: Site visits are usually done prior to an invitation to submit a proposal. 

Q: How long does it take the Board to make a decision regarding funding?
A: Typically, the Board will make final decisions six weeks after the proposal deadline closes.

Q: If I have been awarded a grant, how long does it take to receive funding?
A: Usually, checks are sent within two weeks following the return of your signed grant award notification agreement.

Grant Award Reporting:

Q: Does the Fund require follow up reporting?
A: Yes, the Fund requires an Interim Report approximately six months after the grant is given and then a Final Report approximately 5 months later. The applicant will receive an email and can complete these reports on the Fund’s online grant system.

Q: Should I alert the Fund if there are any changes to my project’s budget or award timeline?
A: Yes, please contact the Fund as soon as possible if you anticipate any changes to the budget and/or timeline submitted with your approved grant application.

Q: How should I notify the Fund of organizational and grant contact changes?
A: Contact the Executive Director, Celine Healey at celinelavoiehealey@gmail.com of any contact and organizational changes.