“Sitar Arts Center is so grateful to the Jack R. Anderson Foundation. Bringing forth the legacy of Mr. Anderson’s commitment to elevating the human condition, grants from the Foundation have enabled Sitar to offer enriching arts learning and a creative community to hundreds of DC children and teens through our flagship Arts Afterschool program. As one alumnus recently reflected: “Sitar felt like this oasis of people from all walks of life coming together to interact, to be friends, to be cordial in this ocean of stick-with-the-people in your neighborhood, your street, your skin color. Sitar is a focal point in which we could interact and become friends, and become a community.” The Jack R. Anderson Foundation is making this generative and nurturing community of young people, families, and artists at Sitar Arts Center possible.” -- Sitar Arts Center

“Continued support from the Jack R. Anderson Foundation significantly helps the DC Collaborative provide equitable access to more arts and humanities learning opportunities for DC public and public charter school students. We appreciate Jack R. Anderson Foundation’s shared vision and legacy of improving the lives of our youngest DC community members through arts and humanities education and enduring social justice. As part of our collaborative effect and shared responsibility, we work together to ensure that all children can explore, create and communicate through the arts and humanities to contribute to their development and the success of the District of Columbia.” --DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative

“Bright Beginnings received Anderson support to provide District families with young children who are experiencing homelessness a solid foundation for a future stable life. With more than 30 years of service, the organization has seen children complete high school, college, pursue careers, and have families of their own. Bright Beginnings helps families realize the dream of advancing from crisis to stable to self-sufficient.” -- Bright Beginnings

“The support from the Jack R. Anderson Foundation has been invaluable for our Ward 8 Achievement Center. The support has provided our middle school scholars with opportunities like overnight college trips to Virginia Tech, engaging field trips to Smithsonians and local businesses, and access to a safe space to learn and grow after school and in the summer. Our middle school scholars are set up for success and it shows through their grade improvements and acceptance to top high schools. The Jack R. Anderson Foundation is a crucial partner in our work towards closing the achievement gap for middle school youth in the Ward 8 community of Washington, DC.”--Higher Achievement

“The Jack R. Anderson Foundation shares Horizons’ vision that all children, regardless of socio-economic status, have the opportunity to realize their full potential. With the Foundation’s support, Horizons is able to provide students a rich and inspiring learning experience each summer that allows them to strengthen their academic skills and learn how to tackle new challenges. We are truly grateful for our partnership." Horizon’s of Greater Washington

"The generous support of The Jack R. Anderson Foundation has empowered RampsRVA to reconnect 70 elderly or disabled individuals in the Greater Richmond Area with the world outside their front door. Previously confined to their homes, our low-income clients now get to the doctor, rehabilitation, and therapy appointments using their new wheelchair ramps. A dedicated partner like The Jack R. Anderson Foundation makes a tremendous and critical impact on our clients as they now are able to access healthcare and reconnect with friends and family, improving lives every day for our neighbors in need. Thank you.” --Ramp Access Made Possible by Students

“With support from the Jack R. Anderson Foundation, the Humane Rescue Alliance’s HOPE Program provides critical services and supportive resources to Washington, D.C. pet owners in order to keep families and their animals together. The foundation’s generous support means that the HOPE Program can continue to assist District residents like Mr. Johnson and his dog, Honcho. Honcho was gifted to Mr. Johnson by a family member following the death of his mother. Mr. Johnson knew that his emotional support dog required basic veterinary care, but financial constraints prevented him from getting Honcho the care he needed. By providing transportation assistance and free veterinary care, the HOPE Program ensured that Honcho could be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Additionally, Mr. Johnson enrolled in the HOPE Program’s Pet Pantry which supports District residents through monthly pet food assistance. Honcho has become a key component to Mr. Johnson’s positivity, and the HOPE Program’s ability to be a reliable resource to Mr. Johnson has allowed this family to stay together.” --DC Humane Rescue Alliance

“The Anderson Foundation understands the importance of investing substantial amounts of funds that can actually advance an organization’s mission, and perhaps even more important, it also understands that organizations need general operating funds to operate well. Anderson has allowed us to breathe a little deeper, and do what we do, better.” -- Compass

“Funding from the Jack R. Anderson Foundation supports SOME’s Center for Employment Training, located in Ward 7 Washington DC. SOME CET is licensed Postsecondary Title IV Vocational Institution that prepares homeless and low-income men and women in DC to secure and retain living wage jobs in fields that have established career ladders and offer opportunities for advancement. Our partnership with the Foundation ensures that every student has the job training and education necessary to succeed in jobs that pay wages that lead to economic mobility and that meet the skill needs of local employers. Graduates are not quickly placed in jobs and expected to sink or swim—they are launched into careers.”-- So Others Might Eat