One thing that is for certain Jack understood from an early age the importance of his community and the interconnectedness of the people who lived there. His stories of growing up in a small town were all woven around his neighbors.

We, the members of the Board, also understand the value of building a strong community where our neighbor’s basic needs are met, so that they can pursue activities that will allow them to thrive and have a full life.

Throughout Jack’s life he donated to a significant number of charitable organizations that made it their mission to improve people’s lives through education, reducing hunger, providing safe shelter, and ensuring social justice. Jack preferred small local charities that received high marks in both efficiency and social impact.

In keeping with Jack’s spirit of giving, the Foundation is committed to maintaining the same areas of support to help our neighbors who are in need.

As a lifelong companion of mutts and rescue dogs, Jack was also passionate about animal welfare. He funded numerous local animal organizations to ensure that the vulnerable animal population was provided with the care, food, shelter and medical attention that they needed to survive. It is our plan to continue to offer the same support.

There are two other areas that the Foundation will consider granting funds. One is the environment, especially as it pertains to positively impacting people. The other is supporting creative endeavors through the arts.

We know that our interests are broad and varied; they are a reflection of Jack and his pattern of giving. It is our mission at the Foundation to continue to give and enhance the community in the same meaningful way that Jack did throughout his entire life.